The game world is full of games about a zombie apocalypse, wars versus zombies and etc. But, every one of them is same and boring, because every scenario is about to how are earth collapsed and what is happening in our planet, but do you ever think what can be happen, if the zombie army was raised against other planets people and conquer different planet?!

Zombotron 2 is the perfect and ideal answer on that question. This game has absolutely new gameplay and storyline and in my opinion, it's a most original idea of the game in its genre.

Play earn to die 2

Play earn to die 2

The indicated game is a made by Miniclip developers and by that, has a most advanced design and engine, which gives you perfect opportunity to relax and play a hard game, with fun. Zombotron is a new world of action games and has a shooter style gameplay, but you have to be also smart and clever to find a hidden enemy, for example, the zombie and kill him with your rifle. The game creators also made a modern style maps and whole awesome decors, which give you feeling, like you are standing on the unknown planet with a gun in the hand. But, There is no time to step back, you need to defend this planet like your own.

More Information about the game

Miniclip designers don't only make an awesome environment and habitat, they also create a vogue scenario for this game and it's an original story about the zombie apocalypse in the galaxy, but not only our planet, there is a different new story about how does other planet people fighting against that deadly common enemy. You are the one of the brave soldiers, who are traveling and destroying zombies all over the galaxy, but suddenly your transport rocket has a problem and you are landing on a strange planet, which is surrounded by evolved zombies.

Your character has almost every detail to repair his spaceship, but need a fuel and that is where your journey start. You need to find a fuel and while you are searching, there are zombies to fight and this is not everything. This game has amazing plot twist scenario, which is that, after you kill a few zombies and are ready to conquer whole planet, meanwhile you need to help strange girl and his father to explain their planet's ghostly mystery, but it's not easy and requires logical skills from you.

The controls in this game are the most important thing. For Reload, you need to use R.
W is to jump
Right Key to go right and Left Key for moving left
Also, for a change a weapon, you need to push Q
To brake, press S
Also, when you get a first aid kit, to use it, you have to press H.

Zombotron 2 has an advanced gameplay. You have a 10 different stage to play and every one of them are so incompatible. At the beginning, you have a gun and silly zombies to shoot in the head, but after a few rounds, your problems getting serious and new strong zombies appearing, so you need to buy a new gun with money. For earn that cash, you need to collect zombies gold, after killing them. You can change your blood type while playing and that gives you some abilities, like more health and better movement. Also, you need to listen your allies dialogues, because they are giving you directions to which way are right and wrong, because a map is a real catacomb.

The graphics in this game are so awesome and every detail is realistic, like desert eagle pistol are beautiful, bloody motions are pragmatic and even zombies roar are so suitable. Also, every round texture is advanced on the last level and amazing music gives you motivation to play with pleasure.