Welcome to the site, where you can play the game, which will definitely amaze you with its extraordinary gameplay and most intense battlefield. Zombotron is a very famous game and already has millions of fans all over the world. The reason of this is that, the developers of this game have created a whole new universe, where your main mission is to kill everyone and destroy everything by rage and infinity amount of bullets.

Because of that, this game is really awesome possibility for you to chill out and have fun while accomplishing the cool missions in the galaxy.

Zombotron is a game, where you can have a fun without a struggle, if you play hard enough. Because, there are missions, which requires from you a really good aiming and also logical skills to solve the quests in the galaxy's deep catacombs. There are so many extraordinary enemies who are fighting against you with bombs, poisoned balls and explosive barrels. Because of that, playing this game is really stunning and very interesting journey into the awesome world. Every round will give you different tasks to accomplish, and this will help you to have a good time while playing this cool survival game.

The controls

  • To move left and right, click the A and D
  • To jump, press the W
  • To shoot and aim, you have to use the mouse
  • To reload, press the R
  • To change weapons, click the Q


This is the game, which is the really fun survival type and also you have to play carefully, because this extraordinary gameplay is a full of surprises. Your main character is tthe brave soldier, who has the ability to fight against the any type of enemy, but you have to buy a suitable equipment for every mission. Because your main goal is getting harder and harder to accomplish in every next round. So, you can buy a new guns in the shop and also upgrade your health and armor level. To do so, you have to collect the coins with killing zombies and robots.

There are 10 laboratories, which are full of many crazy things and your main goal is to clear them as fast as you can by destroying every moving subject with your weapon. Every new laboratory is giving you the different few task to accomplish while playing the round. Like collecting 40 zombie head with only 60 bullet and etc. In every round, you have to complete the three different tasks and this gives you extra points and money to buy a new equipment or a better gun with its bullets. To do so, you need to find a shop in the catacombs.

Enemy types

Zombotron are the absolutely crazy game with so many phenomenal modern features, which will definitely amaze you. But the coolest extraordinary thing in this game is that, there are the most insane enemies for you to fight against. Like a robot zombies, who has the double health and also a robot armor with helmet to defend itself from your bullets. But, don't be afraid of them, because you can get the awesome weapons to kill them easily. Also, there are biggest zombies in the survival game world, who will chase you until the death and they are really big problem.

The game will challenge you to fight against the zombie army, but there are more dangerous enemies, who are trying to kill you too. The most marvelous opponents in this game are the skeletons, who are fast, wearing an armor and give you a hard time to kill. Also, there are some robot vehicles, which are using the machine guns to chase you and shoot you down. The multiple enemy types will help you to collect more coins and also achieve some missions, which will give you power ups and upgrades for your weapons.